Monday, April 28, 2008


Since I have not run a race since December I had forgotten how fun it is!

I ran the Crazy Legs race in Madison, and had a blast! I had set my goal time to be 45:00 - I had run 5 miles in 47 min before and I figured on a race day I could shave off 2 min. without a problem.

However, the problem became the wind, and while I finished with a time of 45:32 and am really happy with that, if I wouldn't have been battling the wind I think I could have met my goal. Running up Observatory Drive, directly into the wind, was a challenge - one that left a lot of people walking (which was great for me because I love passing people!).

I started out with a group of people from the capitol and after the first mile I just had to go. I ran to the "soundtrack" (cheesy mixed cd) of the Pink Bus fro m Thailand and it kept me pumped up. There's something about a techno remix of the Cranberries' Zombie that makes a girl run hard and fast!

The course really is beautiful, winding through campus and down along the bike path, with the lake as background and the finish line at the 50 yard line of Camp Randall it's something that I'm already looking forward to doing again next year with a goal to beat my time from this year!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Living Life to the Fullest

I had been working on a big long rant about how much dating sucks when, on Friday, my world was rocked with my Grandma passing away…it was a weekend (and has been a week) of reflecting and spending time with my family.

Although my grandma was 86 and had been in a nursing home for the last couple of years, her passing was quite a shock to us all and happened very quickly; which, when you have to go, is the best way possible.

Spending time at my grandma’s house over the weekend and looking through old pictures of her with her friends and on vacation, and with her family has really made me think a lot about living your life to the fullest, because I do believe that my grandma lived a very full life and I hope that she never had any regrets.

I truly believe in never turning down a chance to travel, or an opportunity to learn something new, and to just do something fun and different, and most importantly never settling just because something is comfortable.

So I recently started making a “Bucket List” – although in my version these are things I want to do before I’m 30…and I’ll start new after that! Anyone else have a “Bucket List”?? What’s on it? Here’s mine, which I’m sure will be added to:

Run as many 5K races as possible

Run at least 3 8K races

Run the 10K Fall Classic at the Y

Complete a Biathlon

Complete a Triathlon

Learn how to play golf

Learn how to
play tennis

Learn to ski/snowboard

Get SCUBA certified and
somewhere fabulous

Start a continual yoga/meditating practice -
@ least
15 min. a day

Sky Dive (preferably in a really cool

Canoe the Boundary Waters

Complete a Marathon
somewhere cool to
celebrate turning 30!

Win Re-Election to County

adept at some form of dancing

Take a creative
writing class

Learn French

Visit Paris and other parts of France

(Really) Learn to play the piano
Play my flute more often

Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride

Stay at a fun, cozy,
bed and breakfast in Italy

Take an art class

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back Where I Come From and Some Thoughts on Creativity

I had the pleasure of going to see Tracy Silverman who plays the electric violin and is not only one of the most talented musicians I have ever met, but also one of the coolest people with his wild hair and great sense of humor.

Tracy is from Beloit and after years of playing in the orchestra (with my mom!), he went to Julliard and has become a world renowned artist and has received glowing reviews spanning the globe. The great thing about Tracy is that he is not only humble, he appreciates his roots.

Every spring, Tracy comes back to Beloit to perform with music students from the School District of Beloit with proceeds going to benefit the music departments. And after, I'm lucky to be one of the cool kids that gets to have a glass of wine with him and hear about what's going on in his life...which is filled with his kids and family, creativity and travel.

I was proud last night - proud of Tracy for recognizing how important it is to try and enrich the community where he grew up; proud of the amazing talent that we have in Beloit; and as always proud to walk in to BMHS as an alum. I felt proud watching the talented kids we have here, the talented teachers, and to remember that this is a good community to live in.

It was awesome to see kids expressing themselves through music. It made me ache to get my flute out, belt out a tune, and just get on the stage!

Tracy is going to be performing at Concerts on the Square this summer in Madison and was asked to write something Madison specific, which he previewed for us last night at Dominico's. It starts out talking about brats (which is awesome) and is really centered on how he's proud to come back home.

After hearing a snippet of the song I really thought about the importance of recognizing that there are great things about "home" - things that can never be replicated in other places that you live.

I often forget the great things that happen here in Beloit - because let's face it - I'm a big city girl, essentially trapped in a small town but this is a town that has enriched my life in so many ways. I have gotten to experience things here in this small town that have made me a better, more well rounded person and for that I will be forever greatful to the place where I come from.


Lately I have been really craving more creativity in my life, and after seeing Tracy's concert last night I want some even more.

I ran into the French teacher at BMHS last night and she has agreed to meet with me once or twice a week this summer to help me with my French (which I know none so it'll be interesting!) so I'm off today to buy "French Without the Fuss" and get a head start! I cannot wait to start learning!

I'm also vowing to get my flute out and start playing again. I haven't played in years but I have a georgous instrument that's dying to get out of the case! There was a girl last night playing the flute that did a back and forth with Tracy and it was FUN. It made me crave making music!

My "Vision Board" is taking shape too! One of my favorite blogs, Hip Tranquil Chick talks a lot about creativity and how essential it is to encorporate it in your life and suggested creating a "Vision Board" that for me is a sea of controlled, cool chaos, and has great quotes to live by, colors that get me going, pictures and thoughts that inspire me, and creative ideas. It's such a fun thing to have around as a reminder that you can find creativity in the smallest things!

I hope that you find your Sunday, and all your days filled with great creativity, music, and pride for where you come from!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Healthy Kids Day - Saturday April 12th

I'm taking this from Ann Hankin's Blog because I really believe in it - I think everyone ought to put some play in their day and get moving!

"Check out your local YMCA to see what they are doing for Healthy Kids Day--Saturday, April 12th! Did you know that the current generation of children is the first generation that is not predicted to not have a longer lifespan than their parents? It is all about being good role models for our children and introducing "play into our day" that doesn't involve sitting at a computer or playing video games. Kind of ironic that I'm sitting at a computer trying to get this message out to everyone-eh? However, I just got done teaching step aerobics and my kids just walked into the gym across my office to run around---which to them is not exercise but fun--little by little we can work to make that prediction not come true! Happy Healthy Kids Day Weekend to you!"

Thanks Ann for your advocacy - and to my mom because I'm sure she has a lead role in the playing part!

Just a note that the Beloit branch of the Stateline Family YMCA will be hosting their event from 11 am - 1 pm.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So, I'm a slacker....

Ok, Ok, I know that I have not been keeping up with this whole blogging thing.

Maybe I subconsciously stopped blogging in Thailand because I loved it so much I wanted to stay there forever...or maybe I'm just lazy...take your pick!

I was fortunate enough to have coffee this week with an old college friend who kindly informed me that I hadn't kept up with my blogging. Thanks Jake :)

My Springtime reevaluating of what's going on in my life has led me to get back on the blogosphere and do some writing - but I'm going to save it for Sundays, when I have more time and can ponder what's going on in the world with a cup of coffee in hand!

So my friends, be looking forward to more fun filled musings...they'll be coming soon!