Thursday, February 25, 2010

Catching Up...

My dear friend Jake sent me a wall message on facebook alerting me to the fact that I haven’t blogged since January 8, 2010. I think about blogging, a lot actually. Does that count? Jake would say no.

Here’s a whirlwind update of what’s been going on in my crazy life:

**I hosted a fab 5 course, sit down, Asian themed dinner party – Thai salads, egg and spring rolls, eddamame, miso soup, a wonderful chicken and veggie stir fry, almond cookies…and Katie made an amazing trifle! I LOVE hosting dinner parties. Jake could tell you about the one I threw senior year of college with an amazing lemon chicken and way too many blue raspberry vodkas and lemonade (the sole reason I have not drank once since).

**I connected with some of my FAVORITE Green Bay girls for our annual holiday get together! We met at Leslie’s in Waukesha…she and her husband just bought a new house and it was fun for her to show it off!! We had a wonderful time, eating and catching up and I got awesome drink glasses and a cocktail book from Steph during our gift exchange!

**My parents and sister ran off to Phoenix to watch the Packers lose in the playoff game – bummer for the Pack to lose but it was fun for my fam to get some sunshine!

**I took off for some sun of my own and headed to Los Angeles for a few days in January. It was a WONDERFUL trip filled with some of my favorite people, restaurants, and old haunts. It always feels like home to me when I go back – which says a great deal about my friends back there, seeing them out there is always wonderful and never feels like any time has passed.

**One of my BFF’s, Katie turned 30 and her dad turned 50 in January! Kate’s mom and sister threw her and Bob a surprise party in Monroe (where they live and Katie is from) – it was a BLAST! We ate, drank, and danced the night away! It’s always SO great to hang out with Kate’s family!

**I went to Kenosha at the end of January for the UAW’s Martin Luther King event. Jesse Jackson was the key note speaker. It was very interesting commentary on the happenings of our day – something that I probably should have blogged about when it was fresh in my mind!

**My nephew Braylen turned 1 on January 31st! I can’t believe it!! We had fun watching him dig in to his cake!

**Met Andy in Milwaukee for dinner at Benihana’s – neither of us had been there before. The food was good but I think I like the atmosphere of JMK in Rockford a little better…we went to Rock Bottom for a drink and then found The Newsroom – which is somehow attached to the Safehouse…it was kind of a fun place!

**My dad was in the hospital for a few days with bleeding ulcers. It was insanely scary at the onset – not knowing what was going on. I’ve decided that my parents are not allowed to get sick any more – ever. It was awful seeing him in a hospital bed!

**However, dad healed up quite quickly and they decided to take 11 days and head to Hawaii - I haven’t gotten through all of my mom’s 600 pictures, but it’s safe to say they had a good trip!

**I decided to start my own business! My friends, I am a brand new Mary Kay Consultant – and I’m off to a great start! I’ve held a couple of skin care classes already and am in line to win some great prizes, maybe I’ll even drive a pink car someday – regardless, it’s a great company to be affiliated with and a product I really believe in so I’m VERY excited for this opportunity!

**My friend Kris turned 30 mid February so we headed out to celebrate with drinks at Suds! (it’s so fun that I’m one of the last to turn, I’m watching what happens to everyone else ;) ha ha!)

**I saw “Valentine’s Day” with Paula and Renee from my office – we had such a great little “date night” – we had dinner and drinks and then headed to the movie – which, I totally loved – it’ll be an owner!

**Had one of my favorite dinners ever with Bridget, Amanda, and Krista – seriously I have not laughed so hard in ages – and the food was good (we ate at Quaker Steak and Lube which is always SO wonderful!). It’s so much fun to surround yourself with people who you can laugh with. And we laughed hard.

**Went to Chicago for a super fun night on the town with Mary, Ang, Kellie, and Suz and several other really fun people! The ladies are doing a stair climb with proceeds going to the American Lung Organization so they did a fundraiser at Casey Moran’s in Wrigleyville! What a great time – we sang karaoke, danced, drank, I even won a prize (and I NEVER win!) – it was a blast!

**The morning after Chicago I headed up to Milwaukee for brunch with Rachel in the 3rd ward, I really love the 3rd ward and it has been decided that I should like there because I have “funky shoes and I drink with my pinky up” (thanks Andy). We did a bit of sopping in some fun little boutiques and then I headed over to hang out with Ryan and Tilney for a tiny while before heading home. I was exhausted after only getting 3 hours of sleep in Chicago!

**I was recognized at my 1st Mary Kay meeting for several accomplishments (already – after only being a consultant for 4 days!) which was super fun!

**I’m currently getting ready for a party – “Mashed Potatoes, Martinis and Merriment” – Again, LOVE throwing parties and currently have almost 50 people that will be around hanging out eating, drinking, playing games, and having a great time! I’m very much looking forward to it!! I’ll even think about blogging about it when I’m done! ;)

I’m trying to get Jake to be a guest blogger so he’s not always disappointed by me by not having anything on here! I hope he’ll consider it, he’d be a great guest to have!