Monday, November 17, 2008

What a Weekend

First thing's first - I got a new car this weekend. It's a two door, 2009 Chevy Cobalt in a really cool, dark metallic-ish blue color that I am loving. And, while I'm sure that I will love this car as much as I loved my other, it was a little sad to leave my silver Saturn looking all lonley without any license plates in the dealership parking lot.

The Saturn and I have been through a lot together - we've gone on lots of fun times together and it's sad to see it go.

My new car doesn't have the bumps and bruises that the Saturn came to have - all of which had good stories. Like the scratches on the bumper? Those were from the time I got rear ended in LA while stopped at a stop light because the girl behind me didn't see we were all stopped. Right on Hollywood Blvd.

The square indentation on the front bumper? That was from running into Chuck's truck while stopped at the Taco Bell drive through - because I wasn't paying attention. Minnesota Mike was with me for both of those.

The Saturn was with me through my time in LA and for that sole purpose it's sad to leave it behind. It's like really closing a chapter in my life. The last 6 + years with that car have been interesting. Now, it's time to put some miles on my new car!

Which, I started with by traveling to Green Bay on Sunday to watch the Packers beat the Bears. It was a fantastic day and a friend from college went with me. We tailgated and made eggs and bacon on the gril as we froze! It was fun to catch up - it's always fun to me - and interesting to see how easily you can pick up with some people and just feel like no time has passed and you're comfortable with each other.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yeah, I've been busy

So I just realized that I haven't written ANYTHING in a couple of weeks, which really isn't a shocker...I've been a little busy...creating change in some places and ensuring no change in others (aka making sure I continue to have a job).

I'm not going to go into how awesome I think the election turned out - but I will say that my boss killed with 67% of the vote - for that I am thankful (because you know, I still have a job).

Now that the election is over, my focus is on getting a county budget passed and once that is done tomorrow, my life will get less crazy - meaning that I may be able to go to yoga classes and read a book, and get my Christmas shopping done. YAY for that!

I'm so excited to read again - not that I haven't read anything over the last couple months, but yeah, I really haven't. I have however, been carrying around "My Life on the Run" by Bart Yasso - that talks about his running adventures around the world. I have read a couple of chapters and it's going to be great, I can tell. AND I have TWO Runner's World magazines to read and a Women's Health (ok, these don't count as substantial reading, but they're fun) - I CAN'T wait!!

If anyone has any good book suggestions, throw them my way!